• Lost on hidden island

      • If you enjoy playing hidden object game, then this will definitely bring a fun to you. Lost on hidden island is a beautiful 3D hidden object game.

        The story begin with you are on your way to the Caribbean island. On the half way the weather turn bad, your plane struck by the lightning and crash into a unknown island. you have to survive by finding the object bring your boss to home.

        The rule of this game is to find all objects of the bottom list with a limited time. you can use the indices by clicking on the magnifying glass: An object is displayed randomly in magenta, you can more easily find it. you can use 3 indices per stage. you can also scroll the image by passing the mouse over the edges of the screen. Beware by clicking wrong object, it will reducing your time.

        The graphic look realistic and the music is full of mysteries which is excellent for this game, you feel like playing a detective while thinking where is the object possible be. Keep in mind some of the objects have the similar color with the background like trees and rocks, you may need to spend more time on finding them. Hope you like it, have fun.
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      • Lost on hidden island
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG, More Online, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-15
      • Played: 1,376 views
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  • How to Play Lost on hidden island

      • Find the hidden objects