• Madhouse

      • MadHouse is a platformer puzzle game based in a deserted hospital, you need to escape any way you can. Solve puzzles, knock down doctors, collect keys, avoid needles and smashers.

        In this game, you takes control the character who trapped in the asylum. Your task is to help him escape from the madness hospital. To do this you need to collect all the keys and unlock the doors. But some keys was taken by the doctors, to get the key you have to eliminate the doctor, this can be done by dropping the box on his head. Only nurses are harmless, but beware their syringes!

        Try to escape the Madhouse in this interesting, short but fun puzzle game. Push and pull boxes, knock out enemies and collect keys to open the exit doors, can you make it out of this weird place alive?
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      • Madhouse
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG
      • Launched: 2012-06-04
      • Played: 3,296 views
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  • How to Play Madhouse

      • WSD or Arrows - movement
        Z or L - pulling
        X or J - running
        C or K or SPACE or Up - jumping
        P - change camera style
        R - restart level
        ESCAPE - return to previous menu