• Meaning fall

      • Do you have mastermind on solve every challenging puzzles include word guessing? If so then you have to try this crazy and hard core words guessing game. A word game which mixes the logic of crossword & hangman.

        Meaning fall is a funny word guessing game about your quest is to cross the watery caverns by guessing the words that are hidden behind the cloud!

        Using the keyboard and type the word you think is hidden behind the clouds. If you guess right, you will passed to next block from your current block, be cautiously on every move you made, every time you guess wrong your block will break and you will fall down. Don't worry, the game will provide Hint for you, try to solve them with your mastermind!
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      • Meaning fall
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-20
      • Played: 4,395 views
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  • How to Play Meaning fall

      • Help the warrior cross the watery caverns. Read the word definitions and guess the words that are hidden behind the clouds. Bonus points for getting letter-streaks.