• Ninja Virus

      • If you love Ninjas and I love 8-Bit NES games, Ninja Virus will suit your choice. It's an addicting action platform game about a ninja kill all the way to complete the levels by defeating the bosses.

        Gameplay wise, there is five levels, which has 3 "blocks" and a boss to fight. It's not super difficult but it is challenging like a ol' NES game. (It's easier than my other games, like Sole Gunner though.)

        Each time you complete a level, you gain and extra life (and a medal). Secondly if you run out of lives, you will restart the stage from the beginning but you have unlimited continues. (Also when you run out of lives, your score is submitted!)
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      • Ninja Virus
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2013-05-08
      • Played: 3,593 views
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  • How to Play Ninja Virus

      • Controls: (In Options, you can edit them so you can use WASD)
        Arrows - Move
        A - Attack
        S - Jump
        Space - Deselect weapon.
        (Use -/+ keys to change volume.)
        (Use Enter to pause game.)
        (To wall jump, press the S key (jump) while jumping next to a wall to hang onto it.)
        (The scoreboard works just like that of a NES game, it'll only save your score if you "game over" or complete the game.)