• Notebook Wars 3

      • Notebook Wars 3 is the third series of doodle top view shooting game about the World War 3 of Notebook Wars. It's a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up that features hand-drawn graphics that base on refining and extending the series' classic formula of shooting baddies, blasting bosses, collecting cash and buying upgrades.

        In the game, your mission is to protect your country joining the air-force. Get into your fighter plane to shoot and destroy hundreds of enemy units and structures as you dodge their bullets and collect the money that they drop and beat up the boss of each stage.

        Try to gain the maximum number of stars in each levels. You have 40 different planes and 20 upgradable weapons to buy, and a survival mode. Try to gain the maximum number of stars in each levels, have fun!
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      • Notebook Wars 3
      • Category: Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-06-15
      • Played: 1,141 views
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  • How to Play Notebook Wars 3

      • You can select mouse or keyboard controls, and you can change the keys in the options menu.