• Nudge

      • Nudge is a new, fun puzzler from Atomic Cicada!! Help and guide Nudge with his balloons through 40 fun and complex puzzle mazes. But be careful, the Balloons are fragile, the puzzle walls change with Nudge's every move, and there are Baddies lurking in the maze, waiting to hurt Nudge and Pop his precious Balloons!

        This is basically how to you the game, you control nudge using the arrow keys, you can push the balloons around and you need to push them into hotspots to beat each level. Be careful with baddie, baddies will hurt you and if they catch you, the level is over. Baddies can also pop the balloons, when a balloon is popped, the level is over. Always put your eye on the baddies and make sure you and your balloons is far away from them.

        There is several types of block, purple block mirror your movement horizontally, if you moves right, purple blocks will move to the left. when you moves left, it will move to the right, which is always move oppositely follow by your movements, also you cannot push purple blocks and they can push you. Alternatively, green blocks mirror your movement vertically, same like purple walls you can't push them too but they can pushed you. You can crush objects by squeezing them between wall blocks, be careful not to crush the balloon, if a balloon floats away, your game is lost!
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      • Nudge
      • Category: Puzzles, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-04-24
      • Played: 3,485 views
  • How to Play Nudge

      • The arrow keys control Nudge! Use the fun, animated user manual from the main menu to learn more about Nudge, and the challenges that await him!