• Pixle

      • You are PIXLE, a mysterious multi-form shade. Feel the unique high-speed flying sensations and reach the deepest part of the forest without crashing Shadow Tunnels. Can you survive?

        To play this game, you need to click or press space when you touch a crystal to make a hit! The higher the combo, the faster speed you'll have! Green seeds will restore your energy, so don't miss them! If you miss a hit, you'll receive damage depends on your combo, the higher the combo, the more pain you'll receive.

        Pay attention to your overdrive bar, once the bar has been filled, hold your click/space to unleash your inner power! There are 12 achievements for you to unlock, enjoy the game :)
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      • Pixle
      • Category: Action, More Online
      • Launched: 2012-04-25
      • Played: 4,040 views
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  • How to Play Pixle

      • Uses mouse movement & click or arrows with space key.