• Give Me All Your Coins

        Give Me All Your Coins

      • Super pixelknight

        Super pixelknight

      • Madhouse


      • Abduction XP

        Abduction XP

      • Tripman


      • StickMan Sam 9

        StickMan Sam 9

      • Hardventure: Into The Duat

        Hardventure: Into The Duat

      • Go Repo

        Go Repo

      • Rise of the Titans

        Rise of the Titans

      • Dillo Hills

        Dillo Hills

    • Pixel Quest: The lost gifts
      Pixel Quest: The lost gifts When we last met Rex he was jumping and dashing his way through danger and adventure in search of Golden Frog Idols but this time his mission is to retrieve something far more precious Santa Claus him ...
    • Swordless ninja
      Swordless ninja Little Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend Miyuki and nothing could stop the sun from shining when he was wearing his precious sword which he only used to maintain peace until a dark figur ...
    • Rift
      Rift A unique retro puzzle platform game You re a robot whose task is to collect cakes for your starving master ...
    • Bimmin: haunted night
      Bimmin: haunted night Help Bimmin escape from the zombie dinosaur by jumping over stumps zombie hands and tombstones while collecting powerups to increase Bimmin s speed as he runs for his life ...
    • Adventure car drive
      Adventure car drive Pass 5 adventure levels with fast car using left and right arrow ...