• Silent Room Escape

        Silent Room Escape

      • Reincarnation: Bloody Bayou

        Reincarnation: Bloody Bayou

      • Urbex


      • Back in Time

        Back in Time

      • An Epic Stickventure

        An Epic Stickventure

      • Jailbreak From Death

        Jailbreak From Death

      • Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys

        Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys

      • Inner Vision

        Inner Vision

      • Find the Candy

        Find the Candy

      • Submachine 7: the core

        Submachine 7: the core

    • Apartment floor 98
      Apartment floor 98 You finally escaped from 99th floor but this time you are trapped in 98th floor You need to hurry up to find all the hidden object to solve the mysterious and escape the mysterious apartment Other Epi ...
    • Trapped in Treasure Cave
      Trapped in Treasure Cave You re a treasure hunter in search of lost treasures in the mysterious caves of Eastern Europe While on your quest to uncover these hidden treasures you ran into some trouble and got yourself trapped ...
    • Apartment floor 99
      Apartment floor 99 Apartment Floor 99 is a cartoony escape game set in a apartment building that s infamous for mysterious disappearances You happen to need to deliver a mail to somebody who lives in that mysterious apa ...
    • Alone in Gray Nightmare
      Alone in Gray Nightmare Alone in Gray Nightmare is a puzzle filled escape game set in an alternate dimension with lots of cubes There you ll need to solve numerous challenging puzzles in order to escape ...
    • Mystery Rail Train
      Mystery Rail Train You were caught in a train accident on your way to work and something hit you on the head and knocked you out during the accident When you woke up you re trapped inside the wrecked carriage along Your ...
    • Batman: The Joker Card
      Batman: The Joker Card You were caught in a fight between Batman and Joker and was unfortunately taken hostage by Joker Because of this Batman was knocked out for trying to save you and now you re both trapped inside a sini ...
    • Crash Landing Escape
      Crash Landing Escape Crash Landing Escape is another fun Escape Game from game2p com This time you are on your way back home you saw a mysterious light shined above you The last thing you know you re trapped inside a spac ...
    • Ancient Egypt Mystery
      Ancient Egypt Mystery You re an archaeologist who has been assigned to study a new found pyramid in Egypt But this time things are a little different This pyramid is no ordinary pyramid it s a hellhole full of mazes booby ...
    • Ice House Escape
      Ice House Escape Ice House Escape is another fun escape game by game2p com While you were sleeping a sudden earthquake has left you trapped inside the igloo you once call home The only way out has been blocked but if ...
    • Doraemon Mystery
      Doraemon Mystery My name is Nobita I have a friend called doraemon he is my best friend he always helps me with my problems we used to have a great time but something happened One day when I woke up something happened ...
    • Shinobi Escape
      Shinobi Escape Shinobi Escape is a new point and click type escape game from game2p com You re a shinobi in training who has overcome many great challenges But before you become a true shinobi you must pass one fina ...
    • Mystery Hotel Escape
      Mystery Hotel Escape Your holiday trip didn t go as planned Your tourist guide turned out to be some kind of kidnapper and now he has you trapped inside a mysterious hotel room with no help in sight You need to escape bef ...
    • The 19th: Hospital
      The 19th: Hospital Having just narrowly escaped death previously you re again in mortal danger You find yourself alone in an abandoned hospital covered with the stench of death You re trapped inside and waiting for the ...
    • House On Fire
      House On Fire House On Fire is another fun room escape game created by game2p com You need to learn how to escape from the fire for surviving your worst nightmare ...