• Pork Must Arrive

      • A fairy tale tower defense, with Orc and his buddies as heroes trying to steal Knight's piggies for their foods. With constructed evil plan, they make a transporter to pick up the piggies from the Knight's castle to become a pork cuisine for their bellies. So.. PORK MUST ARRIVE!

        *Upgrade Golem Skill first, then you can upgrade the skills above the line, but for the add damage skills on bottom right of each category, you can upgrade it without following the line, but still need golem upgrade.

        *Yes you can ride your boar.
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      • Pork Must Arrive
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2013-05-31
      • Played: 4,557 views
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  • How to Play Pork Must Arrive

      • A & D buttons - Movements
        W button - Jump
        S button - Call Boar (your pet)

        SPACE button - Melee Attack
        Click Left Mouse button - Range Attack (point your cursor to targeting)

        P button - Open Stats / Paused
        M button - Mute / Unmute

        F button - Summon Golem (when unlock Golem)
        1,2,3,4 buttons - Summons Other Creatures (when unlock all skills)