• Pushori

      • Pushori is a fun and relaxing 2 match game about pushing blocks. Pushing blocks has never been easier. Align 2 similar blocks vertically and they disappear, clearing the board for new blocks.

        Gain bonus score for clearing more than 2 blocks with single move and clearing blocks with following moves. When every square on the board is cleared once, you reach next level with new block type and higher points.

        This basically how to play the game, push pieces to the board from left to right, game ends when board is full and at least 2 pieces on board are same kind. align 2 similar pieces vertically and they will disappear from the board.

        Remove more pieces with one move or continue removing pieces with each move to gain bonus score. you can either move mouse to select row and side, and click to push the pieces. Or use arrow keys, up and down arrow to select row. Left and Right arrow to push the piece.
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      • Pushori
      • Category: Action, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-27
      • Played: 1,467 views
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  • How to Play Pushori

      • Use either mouse or up/down arrow keys to select row for new piece to be pushed on the board. Click mouse or use left/right arrow key to push.