• Reclamation

      • Our universe has become infested with trans-dimensional arthropods! Steeped in the 80s, and Inspired by Qix and Geometry Wars. Battle space insects to a hypnotic soundtrack while enjoying classic arcade action in this new take on retro favorites.

        To reclaim our universe you must pilot your ship to partition each sector. to complete a sector. you must reclaim a certain percentage. if you touch any insect, or the trans-dimensional portal they energy from, you will be destroyed!

        Tips on this game:
        You cannot destroy the trans-dimenstional portal. encapsulate it into as small a partition as possible for maximum points.

        When you make a partition, the side that does not contain the trans-dimensional portal will be captured.

        You are invincible as long as you remain on the edges. so plan your approach carefully!

        The baddies will not re-spawn forever. kill them all for maximum points.

        Killing multiple baddies in on partition increases their multiplier and is the key to hight scores and extra lives.
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      • Reclamation
      • Category: Action, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-04-17
      • Played: 3,888 views
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  • How to Play Reclamation

      • Use Arrow key to move, Space to fire.