• Relic of War

      • Relic of War is a fun real time strategy war game set in an alternate world war 2 history with retro pixel style graphics. You have the option to select either Allies or Axis, and the choice defines both the starting position on the world map and the type of troops one can draft into military service. Practice your military, discover new technological innovation, and control your soldiers to victory!

        When you choose to play the Axis you start your game in Germany where your are the commander of Nazi, you have to win four battles in Germany to capture the country and start conquering other territories in Europe, it has uncovered a powerful ancient relic and began harvesting its power.

        If you choose Allies, you start the war in the US. Your task basically is to conquer countries, and you do that by winning a series of decisive battles in each country. You only seem to get to conquer the United States though.

        Inside the battle mode, you can hire different types of troops that from that moment on act more or less independently. You can orders them such as retreat, stop or forward, they will attack and move with their own automatically.

        Use support options like dropping medpacs on troops or having fighters assault enemy lines, to support the troops in battle. If you want to win the game, you have to send out the right troops, making the right support decisions, and buying the right extras and upgrades to make the troops more effective in battle. Build some fortifications on the map to limit your enemy units passing by without taking huge losses.

        Earn experience with every stage that you beat which is awarded to the troops who played a role in the battle. Troops can be level up eventually which makes them stronger and more fearsome enemies. Medals are awarded to the player as well which can be invested in a number of upgrades that are divided into squads, support and upgrades.

        Upgrades are sorted into several categories like economy, research or armory which provide you with a wide variety of advantages. Economy for instance increases the maximum number of troops that you can recruit, armory makes your troops more powerful, and research unlocks new unit types and makes buildings that you capture or have more powerful or resilient.

        The last level of a region always adds a boss to the map that packs a punch. The boss usually has lots of hitpoints and firepower, and walks among the regular troops that the AI spawns all the time. This adds to the variety of the game.

        Now it is your skill to unlock new technology, train your soldiers, and command your troops to victory! See in-game help for detailed instructions on how to play Relic of War game.
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      • Relic of War
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-06-12
      • Played: 4,967 views
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  • How to Play Relic of War

      • Controls - Mouse
        W,A,S,D - scroll screen
        Arrow Keys - scroll screen
        Space - Switch between units and support tab
        1,2,3,4,5,6 - Shortcut to units / supports slot
        Q - Select All
        Z - Retreat
        X - Stop
        C - Charge
        + - Speed Up
        - - Speed Down