• Ring pass not ii

      • The new version of "Ring Pass Not" is here! We have worked on Ring Pass Not 2 for quite a while now improving everything you, the players, wanted to be improved. There are now save options, a few rule changes, a better tutorial, and an extra game mode. It also has improved graphics, and sounds, and texts, and voice-overs (we're obviously excited...).

        We hope you enjoy the game, and would love to read what you thought about it at...
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      • Ring pass not ii
      • Category: Board Game, Puzzles, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-04-02
      • Played: 1,236 views
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  • How to Play Ring pass not ii

      • Use the mouse to drag tiles into the ring.
        Match tiles by either color or symbol to complete a safe magic circle.
        Creating special combinations of tiles gets you bonus tools and points.