• Rodent tree jump

      • Play Rodent Tree Jump and compete in the Tree Jumping competition and earn eternal fame amongst your fellow rodents and become the new king of Rodents!

        It's a funny and cute little game that require a angry bird shooting skill, it begin with four little rodents joined a competition to become the champion of rodents. You are the master of the little rodent, guile him to win the competition.

        All you have to do is to land your rodent perfectly on the target. collect points and defeat others rodent. Earn your points by landing close to the target. Finish first in the league to win promotion. Try to collect the star with 1000 for extra point, star with number 1 will earn you extra championship points. Don't forget about your main goal through, try to finish first!
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      • Rodent tree jump
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2012-04-27
      • Played: 1,405 views
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  • How to Play Rodent tree jump

      • Use mouse to adjust your jumping power and click to launch your rodent.