• Sarens

      • The enemy reached the Sarens valley. Defending the survivors, you will plunge into intense battles. Battling for one of the spirits of elements you will have different magic and abilities. You will get awards for the victory. It is also possible to try yourself in more complicated modes. On the enemy side - magic power, different weapon attacks and golems. On your side there are three great elements of Ice, Fire and Lightning. High-quality and stylish graphics create the right atmosphere of the game.


        3 characters
        23 different magic
        45 levels in 3 modes
        50 awards
        26 kinds of enemies
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      • Sarens
      • Category: Action, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-03-13
      • Played: 5,370 views
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  • How to Play Sarens

      • Controls: Mouse for all actions.
        Press the magic button at the right court to choose the magic, press it again to resume the game.
        Click on the stickman to hit them.