• Sentry Knight

      • Sentry Knight is a fun tower defense game where you take control of a lone sentry in his tower and defend it from waves of mythical creatures. Level up and place your talent points strategically in 3 separate talent trees with 48 talents to choose from. Upgrade your bow, arrows, tower and torch to further maximize your damage output.

        Journey through 8 beautiful, hand-drawn worlds; from the dense forests of Wildwood, to the fiery peaks of Molten Summit. Battle 4 unique bosses, each with their own array of abilities and attacks. Shoot, blast, explode, freeze, burn, and demolish your foes with 16 unique spells.

        In short: Tons of enemies, tons of spells, tons of unique build options, tons of fun!
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      • Sentry Knight
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2014-01-11
      • Played: 1,684 views
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  • How to Play Sentry Knight

      • See in-game.