• Shadow Brute

      • If you hardcore about ninja game, you should try Shadow Brute, it is a fun ninja game consisted a lot of action combos, You play as a ninja who assign with a mission for eliminate every enemies who block your way. Fight your way now and defeat the final boss.

        Although the art of this game look cartoonist, but the performing of the action in the game is quite bloody, you can chop down the enemies head or cut the enemies body into part with a certain attack, but the you enemies will learn and they will become stronger in the advance level, they'll upgrade their shield and armor, you can't simple kill them by normal attack. Use your chakra attack wisely, it need your certain chakra and that is the only way to break their armor and shield. Some bosses require special attack, make sure you remember that combo command before you start the game.

        It's time for some badass action in the hack and slay game 'Shadow Brute'. Use arrows to move and ASD to fight. Enjoy your ninja adventure!
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      • Shadow Brute
      • Category: Action, Fighting, More Online
      • Launched: 2012-04-29
      • Played: 3,671 views
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  • How to Play Shadow Brute

      • Control: Left, Right, A, S, D


        * 13 waves
        * 1 triple boss
        * 9 soundtrecks in game
        * different combo attack
        * chakra attack
        * regeneration of life and chakra
        * pause with damage