• Sierra 7

      • Sierra 7 is a fun 3D first-person shooter where you're playing the role of a special operative known as Sierra, you must neutralize the militia forces with your superior skills to take down the enemies in each mission.

        Sierra 7 isn't just a shooter, it's a rail shooter to be more precise. The game does all the movement for you, taking you along a predetermined course. All you have to do is point and click to shoot, and hit the [spacebar] when prompted to open doors and so forth. Press [R] to reload, and [Q] to cycle weapons.

        There are seven missions to play, not counting the tutorial, and before starting each one you can click on "loadout" to choose which of the weapons you've unlocked that you'll be taking with you. Whether you go in like Rambo or McClane is up to you, but when you're ready, hit "Execute" to start your selected mission. You'll need to complete each one within a certain time limit to pass, and remember; no disintegrations. Have fun!

        PS: Due to the game's large file size [29mb] may take a few minutes to load.
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      • Sierra 7
      • Category: Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-09-01
      • Played: 3,570 views
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  • How to Play Sierra 7

      • Mouse - Aim & Fire,
        Space - Execute Actions,
        R - Reload,
        F - Change Firing rate,
        Q - Change Weapon,
        V - Night vision ( when prompted ),
        Down Key - Pause / Menu.