• Sift Heads – Assault

      • Sift Heads Assault is an intense survival shooter game where you must clear the waves of assailants. It's all about shooting enemies and dodging bullets by hide behind the scenery. Destroy all enemy units and survive for as long as possible.

        In the game, you play as an assault run along dangerous streets, run, jump, roll in order to avoid their fire by taking cover behind vehicles, trees, and smaller objects that can be moved. If you die, you'll receive money based on how long you survived, how many enemies you killed, your precision, the number of items collected, and the number of explosions that you caused.

        You will be able to upgrade your weaponry, use grenades and even increase your resistance to bullets. Do your best to remain unscathed and complete all waves. Good luck!

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      • Sift Heads – Assault
      • Category: Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-06-24
      • Played: 1,564 views
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  • How to Play Sift Heads – Assault

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