• Simple Motions 2

      • Simple Motions 2 is the sequel to the physics-based platform puzzle game, you need to help a hairy red ball monster to collect all of the stars and reach the flag to exit each level.

        Place various gadgets with different effects by drag and place it onscreen to manipulate the ball's path that leads them to the red flag, collect all the stars along the way. Once you have done, press start button to move everything. You will also meet with other rolling monsters that need to be dealt with according to the stage's condition.

        If you fail to complete your mission, click on the screen to restart the level, the path of the ball from your failed attempt will be shown with a dotted line to guild your way to complete the level. Make sure to collect the red star before you reach the flag, use the items wisely to succeed.
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      • Simple Motions 2
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-07-05
      • Played: 1,006 views
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  • How to Play Simple Motions 2

      • Place the available tools on the playing field that will affect the movement and properties of the monster.