• Sky sharks

      • Sky sharks is a very interesting new fun game that you need to shoot the enemy aircraft out of the sky before they shoot you down. Your mission is to kill as many as you can to get scores, you are not going to stop until everything

        The game have 12 challenging level, each of the level will release new enemies aircraft with new ability to increase the difficulty and you have to achieve certain kills to unlock the stage.The enemies are also following around you and they will not going to stop until they crash you plane down, which means you must also avoid yourself to collide with them while trying to eliminate them.

        Depending on how good you are in doing so, you will receive bonuses once you kill an enemies. You can spend your scores to upgrade new shooting style, there is 4 type of shooting style for you to unlock.

        To control your aircraft you must use the mouse to move, but pay attention which direction your plane is going, because there is a lot of enemies trying to crash you down. The bullet will automatically fire while you are moving your plane, so be sure to move to a right direction for you to shoot down the enemies.
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      • Sky sharks
      • Category: Shooting, Sports
      • Launched: 2012-04-18
      • Played: 3,674 views
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  • How to Play Sky sharks

      • Move the Mouse to change the shoot Direction