• Sprintomous

      • Ready to sprint ? Sprintomous is a one button reflex racing game, with some puzzle areas.
        To perform well, you'll need to go fast, think fast and use your best reflexes.

        To move, click the mouse just when your hero is over a checkpoint (and keep pressed to use the turbo grip).

        There are 5 modes : training, time, combo, switch and multi player. More than 50 levels.

        And remember, in Sprintomous, it' all about the right timing.
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      • Sprintomous
      • Category: Action, Puzzles, Sports
      • Launched: 2012-03-28
      • Played: 4,154 views
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  • How to Play Sprintomous

      • Click the mouse (or press "Right Arrow") JUST when you are over a checkpoint.

        After passing a checkpoint, KEEP PRESSED to use the turbo grip.

        Multiplayer press "A" or "Q" to move.