• Stackopolis

      • Stackopolis is the most addictive game since Tetris! Your task is to construct buildings around Stackopolis City by stacking blocks to match the buildings blueprints and artists impressions. It's the original "building block" game that you will never want to miss.

        It's just like playing a Lego game which you need to stacking the blocks to form a architecture construction. The out look of this game is using pixel art with a game boy advance 16 bit graphic and sound effect.

        To win the game, you have to design your architecture with the block follow by the blueprint. Also try to build it as fast as possible, if time out you will fail your mission and game over.

        If you like classic pixel games, don't forget to check classic and pixel tag, you will find a lot of nice and cool classical most fun games collections. Good luck and have fun :)
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      • Stackopolis
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-17
      • Played: 1,526 views
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  • How to Play Stackopolis

      • Click on a block to pick it up, click on a square to drop it. Stack the blocks to match the blueprints within the time allotted to construct buildings around the 4 districts of Stackopolis.