• Star Bunny

      • The Universe is in danger, Star Bunny has to save it from the evil robots that want to conquer it. Shoot all the flying robots invaders with your gun and buy even more powerful weapons.

        The forces of evil are on the way to invade bunny planet, you are the last space bunny who manning the many and varied guns of the flying warship to defense the in coming attack. To unlock new weapons from the armory, you have to collect stars from the robots you destroyed.

        There are also three different types of wave to test your mettle against. Don't forget to reload!
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      • Star Bunny
      • Category: Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-06-22
      • Played: 1,860 views
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  • How to Play Star Bunny

      • Follow the mission intruction, and shoot the enemies.