• Steam Defense

      • Steam Defense is an fantastic action strategy game where you play as a group of colonists looking to uncover the mysteries of planet Gloria-6.

        An enormous space base ran out of fuel. The people began leaving it on their escape pods, but many of the pods have been crashed by asteroids. Only few have survived, and here you will learn more about their adventures on a faraway planet...

        A brave leader of the colonists will need all your skills of strategic thinking, quick decision-making and an ability to wage most challenging battles against superior enemy to lead your men to victory.

        However, as soon as the player just seems to have all the secrets of the Dryans unraveled, the game takes an unexpected turn hastily and introduces us to other, even more ancient and unpredictable plot collisions!

        PS: Installation required : UNITY 3D
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      • Steam Defense
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2014-01-04
      • Played: 1,893 views
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  • How to Play Steam Defense

      • In this game, your main goal is to destroy main building of your enemy, which is on opposite side of the map. Train units, send them into battle and conquer your enemy.

        You can move using “A” and “D” buttons. Press “1” to shoot, “2”-“8” you will use for other weapons in future. Do not shoot without target. When your magazine is empty, auto reload starts automatically.

        Above building slots will appear icon for every type of building can be built. Press it to make building if there are enough resources for it. Upgrade your main building to use more technological weapons and solders. Build tower to defend your base and terminals for offense.

        Each unit has unique characteristics and abilities. Make optimal composition to take advantage over your opponent.
        To hire unit just click on he’s icon. Double click to make infinite queue. While you have resources, production will continue.

        Killed enemy units are source of experience. When you get experience enough for the next level, you can advance your combat stats.