• Super Bomb Bugs

      • Team up with your friends and take on 20 levels of classic platforming over 4 unique world.

        Help Bomb Bug recover his lost gems and discover various artifacts all while killing baddies and solving puzzles.

        Try on various natty suits that gift you new abilities, including Dragon (shoot fireballs), Ninja (wall jump and sticky bombs) and Penguin (no more slipping on ice).

        Classic platforming features including switches and doors, teleporters, dangerous stompers, destructible scenery and more.

        4 player co-op and battle modes, including death match, capture flag, and gem attack.

        Features Brass Monkey technology - use your smartphone as a game pad.
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      • Super Bomb Bugs
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2013-04-18
      • Played: 1,164 views
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  • How to Play Super Bomb Bugs

      • See in-game.