• Super sloth bomber

      • Super Sloth Bomber is a super and addicting game that you don't want to miss. This game have a very beautiful cartoon interface and awesome gameplay about Super Sloth Bomber is going to use his way to save his island from Bizarre creatures.

        The story begin with the island of Bombolia has been invaded, Bizarre creatures from a beached cargo ship are running wild and causing all sorts of havoc! Only the Super Sloth Bomber can save the bombing the living flip out of everything. Up, up and away!

        Your objective is to clear the island of Bombolia by blasting all the creatures to kingdom come! Skillfully pilot your balloon with the Arrow Keys (or AWSD keys) and press the Space Bar to drop your bombs, then wait for them to explode.

        Aim and timing is crucial and as you progress the enemies get tougher, faster and smarter - luckily you can upgrade your arsenal with different bomb types and power ups.

        Make sure to keep an eye on the radar telling you where enemies are too... and whatever you do, don't run out of bombs or time! Should you want to pause for whatever reason then push either "P" or "Escape". For more fun activities such as this interesting most fun adventure games just find our website on the Internet and start playing!
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      • Super sloth bomber
      • Category: Action, Adventure | Point and Click | RPG
      • Launched: 2012-04-21
      • Played: 1,384 views
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  • How to Play Super sloth bomber

      • Use AWSD or Arrow key to move and SPACE key to drop your bomb.