• Talesworth adventure: the lost artifacts

      • Talesworth Kingdom has been overrun by Boneyard’s evil minions. You have been tasked to guide Questy, our brave (and dim-witted) hero, through 40 challenging levels in this unique puzzle adventure. Find all three ancient artifacts and discover the secret entrance to Boneyard’s lair!

        Questy the Adventurer had become quite rich slaying dragons and such. However, reckless spending and poor gold management skills have all but destroyed his unimaginable wealth. Peace in talesworth was short-lived, and evil stirred once again throughout the mountains, caves and forests. And, as we all know, stirring evil usually means there is loot to be had.

        An evil necromancer known as boneyard has become quite a nuisance, spreading chaos and destruction. Questy has decided it's time to save the kingdom and replenish his empty coffers. The way to boneyard's secret lair in the abandoned catacombs is blocked by a statue that is missing 3 artifacts. Win these artifacts by defeating the powerful creatures that guard them.

        After taking some time off, Questy needs to reacquaint himself with the basic of adventuring and being a hero. Your job in each room is to protect Questy and guild him to victory, he will barrel along in the same direction until he is forced to turn. His main task in each room is to get the key and reach the exit. Click go to send him on his way.
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      • Talesworth adventure: the lost artifacts
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-07-09
      • Played: 4,479 views
  • How to Play Talesworth adventure: the lost artifacts

      • SOUND
        Sound is a 3-way toggle to control music, sound effects, and mute all.

        HOW TO PLAY
        Questy’s speed can be increased with the speed button in the sidebar with the >> symbols. Get your complete adventurer training in-game.

        Game auto-saves.
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