• Tetri tower

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        Try Tetri Tower, it's a fun and challenging physics game for you to stack tetris blocks and win the prices.

        Here’s a nice classic stack tetris online games but with new unique gameplay that you should never miss with. Tetri Tower is all about stack your blocks to make your tower as high as possible, which is absolutely awesome, but can also be a little tricky since all blocks is combine with tetris formation.

        In this game, there are two mode which is time attack and strategy mode. In time attack mode, you need to make your tower as high as possible with the blocks provided before the time limit. This mode is more depend on your physic combination skill and the logic you going to take to conquest the game to reach the maximum scores you can get.

        Another one is strategy mode, points will be awarded for the number of blocks you place before you reach the target height. A small bonus is awarded for an early block drop. which will more depending on your strategy skill on how to achieve the highest point before you reach the top.

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      • Tetri tower
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-15
      • Played: 1,117 views
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