• The Nineth Realm

      • The Nineth Realm is a multiplayer fantasy strategy battle game. Take on the role of a Guardian with the ability to summon monsters and cast spells. Fight enemies from around the world in internet battles.

        Long ago, The Kingdom of Esran stood as the dominion of the known world, a beacon of peace and prosperity stretching as far as the eye could see. But peace couldn't last... An almighty sorcerer named Xolir sought to wipe out the Guardians and claim the power of the Rune Stones for himself. He summoned a monstrous army and plunged the Kingdom into a war; a great war that ravaged the lands and left Esran in fuin. Xolir was eventually defeated but his army of beasts remained to roam the scorched wasteland. Those that survived fled to Cape Arnoth where they boarded ships, leaving Esran and the Rune Stones behind.

        In the years that followed, the survivors slowly began to rebuild their lives. In time they established a new kingdom, but it was weak and there were constant struggles for power. Eventually eight warlords agreed to divide the kingdom into eight separate realms, taking one each for themselves. It remainded that way for several hundred years. Wars broke out from time to time but the eight realms worked well together, often combining forces to keep each other in check.

        For hundreds of years no-one dared to cross the Anduan Channel back to Esran. Over time the name Esran faded into obscurity and it became known as The Ninth Realm.

        The order of the Guardians Survived and their knowledge passed through the generations, but only a handful of Rune Stones were recovered after the war. Most were abandoned in Esran, so they used what they had. Eventually a brave few sought to restore the Order to its previous might and returned to the shores of Esran in the hope of retrieving the Rune Stones.

        It's now seen as a rite of passage for a Guardian Acolyte to make the journey to the Ninth Realm, to spend time in the wilderness and search for lost Rune Stones. There are many rare stones that have yet to be uncovered and those that find them are awarded the highest honors. In the Ninth Realm they will have to use their skills to battle other Guardians who seek the stones themselves.
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      • The Nineth Realm
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      • Launched: 2013-06-23
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  • How to Play The Nineth Realm

      • See in-game tutorial for more help.