• The Osiris Conflict

      • The Osiris Conflict" is a fun turn based isometric strategy game where you need to guide your agents through 25 levels, using cover and utilizing your agents’ strengths and weaknesses. As you go through the levels you can rescue captured agents who can then help you on your mission and find more powerful weaponry.

        In late 2010, a group of terrorist known as the "Soldiers of Osiris" captured a small island 10 miles out from the coast of Peru and either killed or drove away the people living there.

        A small secret group called The International Covert Anti-Terrorist Taskforce (ICATT) launched a stealthy attempt to reclaim the island for its inhabitants and to put a stop to whatever terrorist plot was underway. The attempt failed, the group had turned out to be far better equipped than had been assumed.

        Marc Osiris, leader of the group, realizing that he had captured some agents sponsored by one or more states, decided they would make some valuable hostages and imprisoned them around the island.

        What the group is planning had not yet become clear, but ICATT is planning a second mission, to rescue its agents and liberate the island. You have been appointed to lead the group. Your objective is to eliminate all enemies in the region. Collect weapons from any crates to improve your arsenal.

        There's a option for you to choose Defence mode, it's a kind of survival mode where you have to incapacitate as many enemies as you can before your team is incapacitated. But this mode is only available on Kongregate.

        Tip: If your agent is crouching, another one can fire over them. But be careful!
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      • The Osiris Conflict
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-07-10
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  • How to Play The Osiris Conflict

      • Mouse Controlled. Follow the in-game tutorial.