• The Power

      • The Power is a fun action packed Metroidvania style platformer with stylish graphics, awesome music and simple yet challenging gameplay. It's about a treasure hunter just discovered a new planet, a unclear world that full of enemies, hazards, bosses and lots of power-ups.

        In the game, you played as a treasure hunter who saw an unidentified planet, one that you'd never seen before. Where did this planet came from and what treasures does it hold? You decided that you could settle down later, after this one final expedition.

        A strange force pulled my ship down to the surface as you got close. You probably should have tried to escape right away, but you just couldn't resist this new opportunity to explore, who knows what you might find..

        That's how the story begins, are you up for an adventure to uncover the mystery behind The Power?
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      • The Power
      • Category: Action, Arcade, Shooting
      • Launched: 2012-06-25
      • Played: 1,948 views
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  • How to Play The Power

      • Arrow keys to move and jump. X key to shoot. Inventory: Space