• The Suspense II

      • We continue to travel back to time with The Suspense II! A platform adventure game where you are expected to solve mysteries regarding life and death, use your uncover power to switch between present and future times to possibly escape your own fate.

        In the game, you need to traverse each level to find the key to unlock the door for continue the storyline. In order to get the key you will have to switch between the realities of life and death by pressing S key. The journey you move on, you will meet people that you may greet, they can allows you to grab crates and move them to accomplish the levels.

        The most tricky part of this game is timing, it require some skills to switch between the two realities quickly in order to hop on a moving platform. Travel between life and death and find your way to the exit!
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      • The Suspense II
      • Category: Adventure | Point and Click | RPG
      • Launched: 2012-06-29
      • Played: 1,479 views
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  • How to Play The Suspense II

      • Arrow - for moving
        S - change time
        Space - action