• Tokyo Guinea Pop

      • Tokyo Guinea Pop is a fun physics-based puzzle game sequel to Bubble Guinea Pop. Our heros guinea pigs return to Tokyo Zoo to rescue their friends from Zoowrangler, your goal is to launch the chewing guinea pigs to save all the animals by the use of bubblegum.

        Release guinea pigs from the mouths of swinging snakes at the right time so that they will reach to the animals, once the guinea pig comes to a complete stop, it will explode and cover any nearby animals with gum.

        Exploding guinea pigs can also unlock or disabled switches, enter portals or destroy wooden obstacles. Earn gold medals by complete each stage by catapult as less as possible of your guinea pigs. Cover all of the zoo animals with bubblegum now!
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      • Tokyo Guinea Pop
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-07-06
      • Played: 4,716 views
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  • How to Play Tokyo Guinea Pop

      • Use mouse to interact in this game.