• Tower bloxx

      • Tower Bloxx is among the most decorated games you can get for your mobile phone, winning two Game of the Year Awards and multiple Editor’s Choice awards! Now available in flash!

        Tower Bloxx scored an impressive 9 out of 10, one of the highest review scores for any mobile game! IGN, a leading reviewer, says “Awesome! DChoc’s new puzzler surprises and delights – this one’s a real winner” and “Games of this caliber are must-haves.

        In build city mode, your goal is to create a thriving Megalopolis! Build towers and place them wisely in the city grid to reach the goal.

        Increasing your city's population and level will unlock new building types. You can see the current city level and the population of the city at the top of the screen.

        In the tower building mode you are aiming to reach a target heigh. The target height is shown in the lower left corner. The better you place the roof the more bonus you'll get.

        You have there chances to finish the tower, if you fail, the building can still be placed in the city without a roof. After finish the tower, use your mouse to place the building in the desired location on the city grid. When you are going to replace an old building with one you have just built, however the new building over the old using your mouse and you can see the difference in population at the top right of the screen. An unwanted tower can be destroyed at the demolishing lot at the bottom left of the screen.

        In the Quick Game mode your goal is to build as high and as stable a building as possible. At the bottom of the screen you'll see the current height of the building, how many tries you have left, and the current population of the building.

        Press the spacebar, down arrow key or left mouse button to drop the block. The higher you building the more people you'll get for each placed block. The amount of people also depends on how well the block is placed.

        Centering a block perfectly on top of another will fill the combo meter. Placing more blocks before the meter empties will add to the combo, and perfect drops will refill the meter. Every block that's placed while a combo is active will increase the combo score. The combo score is added to the population score after the combo ends.
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      • Tower bloxx
      • Category: Action, More Online, Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-26
      • Played: 1,684 views
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  • How to Play Tower bloxx

      • Use mouse to move and press the spacebar, down arrow key or left mouse button to drop the block.