• Ultimate Spiderman: Iron Spider

      • Ultimate Spiderman Iron Spider is a marvel action game where you need to help Spider-Man to find his special suit that was stolen. Like other Spider-Man Game, use your powers to jump from one wall to the other and defeat Dr. octopus and Venom alien forces.

        PS: The preloader seem to have some bug to display percentage, please wait a while for it to finish the loading.
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      • Ultimate Spiderman: Iron Spider
      • Category: Action
      • Launched: 2013-10-01
      • Played: 1,667 views
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  • How to Play Ultimate Spiderman: Iron Spider

      • Walk: "Left / Right Arrow"
        Jump: "Up Arrow"
        Dash: "Double Left/Right Arrow"
        Crawl: "Up/Down Arrow"
        Attack/Web Shot: "X"
        Web Swing: "C"
        Teammate Backup: "Spacebar"

        There are two extra moves you can do when you are iron spider, these are:
        Double Jump: "Double Up Arrow"
        Air Dash: "Double Left/Right Arrow" (only mid air)