• Were wars 2 the rats

      • If you love to play trading card game, then you must try Were Wars 2 the Rats. Were Wars 2 the Rats is a fun trading cards strategy game similar like Japanese card game call "Yu Gi Oh!".

        In this game, you need to select your card creature to join the battle, you can also use some card to empower your creature to defeat opponent. Each card has it own different ability, the combination will bring different strategy to win the game.

        Basically this is how you play the game, your health is on the top right. under your health is your rage, you need rage to use cards that have a rage cost. your opponent health and rage are on the top left. Creatures you put into play usually attack every turn they can and its also the only to do damage to the computers health same to you.

        Equipment and spell cards can power up your creatures and attack cards damage enemy creatures as well as generating rage when used. Decoy cards are creatures that you use as meat shields to delay the enemy tell you can get a better creature out or power up ones you have. Hit the ok button on top to end your turn. click on cards to play them. More creatures, spells, and abilities and ways to play will come in time.

        So what are you waiting for? Fast join the epic card battle and show your opponent what you have in your trading card skill!
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      • Were wars 2 the rats
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      • Launched: 2012-04-16
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  • How to Play Were wars 2 the rats

      • Left click on cards to put them into play or to discard them for more rage points. Rage is needed to cast spells and creatures. Click ok on the top of the screen to end your turn. Creatures damage the enemy player once the other players creatures are all dead. Bring the enemies health to 0 to win.