• Windfall

      • Windfall is a beautiful and fun strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified energy goal as quickly as possible by building turbines smartly. Research locations carefully for the best wind conditions, and to avoid upsetting the local citizens by building turbines in undesirable locations.

        In this game your goal is to create and sell clean energy by building wind farms. By making smart decision about where to place wind turbines, you can create clean energy profitably. You've got 3 years to meet your energy target. Try to maximize your profits by that time, while minimizing disruptions in the local community.

        To see how much energy you're currently producing, check the panel to the right. You can also see your goal energy, the amount of time you have remaining, your available funds, and your political popularity.

        Before you build a wind turbine, you need to decide where to place it, some areas are more effective then others. For example, the wind is stronger on higher land. And building near house will cause your popularity to drop ( nobody wants wind turbine in their yard).

        The info tool lets you learn about the properties of different land areas. By performing research, you can learn valuable information about average wind speeds and land value. Higher wind speeds mean better energy production. Higher land value mean turbines are more likely to cause political controversy. The only downside is that research costs money.

        Choose the size of the turbine you want, small medium or large. Larger turbine produce more energy. They also cost more and negatively affect land value. To build a turbine, click on a land area. You can build almost anywhere, but some areas (such as water) are off limits.

        Just because you can build anywhere doesn't mean it's always a good idea. Try to find areas with good wind speeds and low land values. It's up to your on how to manage the placement.

        To make your turbine work, you have to build power lines to connect your turbine to a transformer. You can drag hold down your mouse cursor and drag it to build several power lines as once. When your turbine is connected to a transformer, it will turn from red to green to show that it is powered. The only thing you need to take note is each transformer can only service certain amount of power. Use the info tool to see how much you are using at any time. Or just watch the red capacity bar on each transformer.

        After your wind energy output starting to went up, your energy output is growing, and you are closer to your goal. You're also making money, because you're selling electricity and selling renewable energy certificates. Use this money to build more turbines. But remember to choose good locations. If you build too close to populated areas, your popularity will drop, reducing the financial effectiveness of your energy investment. You can also recycle turbines and power lines if you're not happy with where they're placed. Recycling them allows you to get some money back, although you don't get everything you spent.

        Now you're ready to play! Create clean energy and avoid bankruptcy to become wind energy hero!
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      • Windfall
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      • Launched: 2012-04-20
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  • How to Play Windfall

      • Everything is interact with mouse, See the tutorial on how to play this game.