• Wordspector

      • Your task as a wordspector is to solve mystery words with the help of color coded clues. the less time and fewer guesses you need to solve each word, the more points you'll get! the words get logger as the game progresses.

        After each submitted word you'll be presented with color coded clues. the clues reveal whether or not the letters in your word are found in the mystery word.

        Create the subsequent words based on the clues, and the mystery word should expose itself before long. Just remember, only real words found in the dictionary can be submitted. Proper nouns and abbreviations are illegal!

        Mystery words have an initial value, which decreases with each wrong guess. Once the mystery word is solved, time bonus is awarded for the remaining time.

        The game is saved automatically at the start of each level (But make sure your flash cookies is enabled). You can quit and continue the saved game at any time. you can also retry the last level after losing as many times as you want. However, if you make it through the entire game without a single continue, you final score will be doubled!

        On bonus and sunob levels you can forget about solving mystery words for a while. The simple goal is to create as many words - any words - as possible starting with the given first letter. Each word is more valuable than the previous!

        Hint button reveals on letter you haven't yet figured out yourself. But beware: using the hint costs time and also decrease the word value.

        You can also use the keyboard to input the words. Shortcut keys are: Enter=Submit, Spacebar=Shuffle, Backspace=Delete letter.

        Now you know everything on how to solve your word mystery, it's time for you to have fun and use your mastermind to become a Master detectives in wordspector now!
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      • Wordspector
      • Category: Puzzles
      • Launched: 2012-04-18
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  • How to Play Wordspector

      • The goal is to solve Mystery Words with the help of colour coded clues. Points are awarded based on the time used and guesses needed.

        1) Enter a word using either the mouse or the keyboard. (Clicking a letter on the input area removes it and all following letters. Given letters can’t be removed.)

        2) Click Submit. The word is added to the word list enhanced with colour coded clues. The colours reveal whether or not the letters in your word appear in the Mystery Word:

        GREEN = The letter appears in the same place
        ORANGE = The letter appears, but in a different place
        BEIGE = The letter doesn't appear in the Mystery Word
        BROWN = Given letter (must be used in all submitted words)

        3) Based on the clues, create another word.
        4) Repeat until the mystery is solved!

        Note: you can retry as many times as you want after losing, but if you make it through the entire game without a single retry, your final score will be DOUBLED! (Quitting the game and continuing later counts as a retry.)