• Zack’s hardware

      • Zack's Hardware is a fun tower defense game you play the role of an unlucky toy inventor, who has to defend himself from his creations. construct your towers to shoot down 12 waves of enemies on each of the level before they get to the wardrobe you're hiding in and turn it to shreds.

        Each consecutive wave is more difficult so you must constantly improve your defense. for every level you have a limited amount of hit points, and you lose if its number reaches to zero.

        Next is you need to familiarize the game interface and the gameplay basics. Select a tower using one of eight tower buttons. If you have enough resources, 'Build' button will appear. Press it to start construction. When the tower is ready, you will see a glowing 'Ready' button. Press it to place your new tower on the map. The green circle is the tower's range, the red is it's center. you can only place the tower in a free area (not on enemy path, obstacles or other towers).

        When a tower shoots down an enemy it earns one experience point(XP). When a certain amount of XP is accumulated, the tower can be upgraded and you can see a blue glow around it. Click on a tower to select it and press one of three arrows on the right to upgrade it's damage, reload time or range by 40%.

        Use your towers to shoot down enemies. You will see a shield near a damaged enemy - this is its hit points indicator. Green means barely damaged, red means almost dead and yellow is somewhere between. Once destroyed, enemies randomly drop resources which are used to build new towers. Move your mouse over a resource to pick it up. If you don't do that, it will disappear after 5 seconds.

        You can find three icons on the right, below a tower's statistics, show if the tower can do splash damage (hit more than one unit in area). slow down the enemies or shoot at flying enemies. Each feature is only present if it's icon is shown in color ( for example - some weapon won't do splash damage or freeze enemies but it will shoot to both ground and air units). you can also sell a tower by selecting it and pressing the 'sell' button to get back half of the resources used for building it.

        7 levels loaded with enemies await you. Collect resources, build and upgrade towers and shoot down all those mad toys. 5 gameplay modes and auto save game system for even longer lasting fun.
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      • Zack’s hardware
      • Category: Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-04-18
      • Played: 15,339 views
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  • How to Play Zack’s hardware

      • Controls: mouse only.
        For detailed instructions see in-game tutorial.