• Zombie Cure

      • Zombie Cure is a fun addicting time management game. where you are responsible for creating a zombie vaccine and curing as many zombies as you can.

        In this game, you play as a inventor of an elixir which can create the medicine that could treat the sick zombies. They will come to your laboratory for help. You can cure them if you know how to combine the right ingredients.

        Pour the milk, syrups and the anti-virus serum when the meter is centered and give your super humaniser blend to the waiting zombies, find then sell the Zombie Cure to any or all individuals hiding zombies, after each day you will unlock new zombies and upgrades.

        How long can you survive and how many humans can you cure?
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      • Zombie Cure
      • Category: Simulation | Time Management
      • Launched: 2012-09-16
      • Played: 23,097 views
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  • How to Play Zombie Cure

      • See in game tutorial on how to play this game.