• Zombie exploder

      • Zombie Exploder is a funny and challenging action fighting game about a hero trying to survival from the bloody zombies.

        The city is invasion by zombies virus, lots of peoples infected and turn into zombies. You are the only survivor who trapped inside a building, you have to make your way to pass 20 floors in order to escape.

        This challenging action platform game requires players to survive the zombie onslaught with the help of dancing skill to destroy and dismember entire waves of zombies. Survive as many wave as your can and escape from the building.

        To make a punch, move your mouse and your fist will follow it to perform punch. If you want to make a kick, just click the mouse and mouse it to perform kick action. If you get caught by the zombies, swing your mouse to escape yourself else your stamina will start reducing. You will die once your stamina is over.

        Use kick wisely, It consumes yellow stamina. you can launch zombies through the air by pouching diagonally. Don't walk through heavy groups of zombies. Use air kicking, you can easily beat zombies smashing their heads on the floor, when they are down after being launched. You can also recover stamina by gaining awards.
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      • Zombie exploder
      • Category: Action, Fighting
      • Launched: 2012-04-23
      • Played: 1,488 views
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