• Zombie trailer park

      • Zombies are taking over the city, it's your duty to take it back! Zombie Trailer Park is a addicting strategy game present by NinjaKiwi, you play as a farmer commander who stay far away from the city Metropolis.

        Your mission in this ridiculous zombie defense game is to defend your trailer park while you destroy the zombie base. Try to manage your economy wisely and train those angry farmers, shovel men, survivalist and other units to take the city back and in the same time protect your trailer park. Don't forget to save some money for upgrading your building like Salvage yard and Trailer to help you to maximize your income. Use the "Yee-Haw powers" to activate special weapons. Win the game by conquest the zombie base.

        Interact everything with your mouse, use your strategy to survive the zombies onslaught and safe the city, Have fun!
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      • Zombie trailer park
      • Category: Action, Fighting, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-04-30
      • Played: 16,979 views
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  • How to Play Zombie trailer park

      • Build more salvage yards to increase your income. Build more trailers to increase your population cap. Win by destroying the zombie base.

        Everything control by Mouse click.