• Zombies At The Gate

      • The mission of Zombies at the Gate is to survive and build the flying castle from the zombies invasion, help the king to protect his kingdom.

        To survive, he must upgrade his castle, he needs an accumulation of resource like wood, wool, stone and pelt to build the flying castle and leave the zone full of zombies. The Flying castle will help you to kill zombies and be able to buy some good weapons by destroy the boxes.

        Collect and use stars to upgrade your abilities as you fight them off with the goal of building a flying castle in order to escape! Good luck and have fun :)
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      • Zombies At The Gate
      • Category: Action, Strategy
      • Launched: 2012-06-29
      • Played: 3,644 views
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  • How to Play Zombies At The Gate

      • Left,Right or A,D - movement
        Mouse – menu and shop navigation
        P – pause / instructions
        Z or K – close combat weapon
        X or L – distant combat weapon
        S(twice) or Down(twice) - stomp hit